Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jurin Xpress

Not too long ago while I was in Penang, I had the opportunity to hang out at Jurin Express. It's a Japanese eatery in Gurney. The moment I stepped in, I wanted to just lay down and spread myself on their large comfy seats. While I like their seats, there were a few things that left me wondering.

First was the characters on the wall. Is it japanese? It looks like chinese to me. I'm just confused. I can fully understand if they put japanese characters on the wall but if it's mandarin, which it certainly looks like, why? i did not like the wall.

Moving away from the wall of confusion, there are two sections at Jurin and is separated by a partition filled with nice with shinny pebble stones. They even have lightings to make the stones look like their glowing. I thought this part of the eatery was awesome. Simple yet elegant.

There is also this bar top; it looked like one. I think it's meant for those who just wana drink.

I couldn't remember what we ordered but when the food came, I thought the presentation was normal. nothing special about it. It tastes good though :) better than 'Prison' - located in Leith Street.

The baby octopus and salmon were good; nicely done I'd say XD it felt like I was on cloud 9.

Reasonable pricing, good service, good food, not too bad ambiance; I might go back there again.


żħї~qїňg said...

oo new restaurant eh? where isit located? lower ground?

me2baby said...

It's in the new wing. One of the upper floors. 2nd Floor if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

i think its above or below Nando's...go check it out!!!!!!!!i like it too..yummy!!!!!!!!!

kenwooi said...

nice place..
the baby octopus reminds me of some a japanese action hero tv series back then.. haha.. =D

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