Monday, January 25, 2010

Plants vs Zombies

Not too long ago, I started playing 'War 2'. It suck. It's not user friendly. There are a lot of missions I don't know how to complete. Why? It's because I don't know where to find the required items. I read the 'help' but it's too very general and doesn't help noobies like me :P So it suck.

'War 2' may not have attracted me but 'Plants vs Zombies' definitely did. I read about it on 'CHIP' January issue and since my housemate had the game, I gave it a try. My conclusion? It's AWESOME!!!

First up is the characters. Their awesomely cute; even the zombies XD
The story line is very simple but sometimes being simple is best. It's about zombies trying to attack your house and you, to defend your house , use plants. Each plant has their own unique function. There are different types of zombies too depending on the level you're at.

This is the main menu. In the beginning, you have only the option of playing the 'Adventure'. then as you progress, you'll unlock the 'Mini-Games', 'Puzzle', 'Zen Garden', etc.

Before the start of a level, you'll have to chose the plants you're going to use for that particular round and when you've completed a level, you get one new plant. Of course in the early stages of the game, you can't chose the plants you want because you'll be given only two.

It's not very difficult. With a little bit of strategy, you are sure to win. Each level presents zombies with different "skills" hence keeping the player wondering about the next level. It is addictive.

Nice graphics, cute characters, not annoying background music and sound, and not too difficult. It's a game you'll love :)


berries~~ said...

eeeeeeee.......i like plants and zombie too...its addictive...!!!!!!hahahaha

Anonymous said...

wow...a nice game friend introduced it to me...i like it very much im hooked:)

cutedee said...

i too kin chiong d...always let the zombie eat up my brain...lols

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