Sunday, January 3, 2010

War 2

I welcomed the New Year in Mardigras; chilling, chatting, and dancing :) Well it did not stop there. We had steamboat the next day and celebrated a friends birthday too. Today being Sunday, i decided to play a new online game (it's new for me) - WAR2

I knew about this game while in PC fair penang and this guy gave a food coupon so what the heck; since it's free, I might as well just try it out.

It is like any other strategy game where you are the commander and is in charge of building your army and conquering others. It's themed at world war 2. The time line of this game follows real time so it's basically a continuous thing.
I don't find it addictive yet; maybe I just started and need to get the hang of things. But still, in a range of 1-10. I'd give it a 6. You can check it out at

Have fun playing :)

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eeeeeeee.............................i dont like games!!!!!!!

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