Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rant: Play more football

John Terry is in the spotlight again when he criticized Capello for not selecting Joe Cole. He then tried to rally the  other players in the English camp to go against Capello but failed. Now, after failing to gather support, he has apologized publicly.

For one, I don't like John Terry so writing this, I might be bias. Even during Scolari's reign in Chelsea, it was reported that he was among those who went against their manager. What's up with that?

England isn't doing too well in their group stage and unless they win in their third and final game of the group stage against Slovenia, they aren't going to make it into the last 16. At this point, considering the team is in hot soup I feel John Terry should be training harder with the team to improve and make sure they make it into the last 16 rather then trying to gather support and go against the boss.

Assuming he succeeds in whatever he was trying to do, can the English team do any better? I doubt. Let's look at France as a reference. With all the striking going on around the French camp, they have virtually thrown away their opportunity to enter the knockout stage. For France to actually make it, they'd have to win, and win it big like 5-0 at the very minimum.

Really, Terry should just stop his nonsense trying to go against managers and play football. If he is "THAT" good in strategies, then become a manager..

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