Sunday, June 6, 2010

The story of the Ox and the Donkey

Once, in a farm there was a farmer who had to the ability to understand animals. He could hear them talk and understand them. So every evening, the farmer would stroll around the farm out of curiosity, just to see what his animals would talk about. On one evening, he overheard the ox complaining to the donkey

ox: You know donkey, my body is aching. I have to pull the yoke everyday under the hot sun. I envy you. All you do is carry the farmer to town to sell the farms produce and when you get back, you eat grass all day. You have such an easy going life. What should I do?
donkey: Well, why don't you pretend to be sick tomorrow?! When the servant tries to put the yoke on you, you pretend to sick. That way, you don have to work and stress yourself.

So the next day, when the farmer's servant tried to put the yoke on the ox, he moved about pretend to be sick. the servant immediately went to inform the farmer about this and the farmer replied, "Tie the yoke onto the donkey an dlet him plow the field." 
The ox seeing this was relieve and continue to pretend to be sick the following days.

This was a story told to me from a very close friend. Sometimes our intentions are pure. We want to help people, just like the donkey, but we end up getting ourselves into trouble. Thought I'd just share =)


Anonymous said... need to think for yourself first before other's the survival skill...:)

flo.rence. said...

farmer is so mean lol

SHeLYN said...

im like d donkey...=S
but its rili nice can help ppl in need...

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