Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liverpool At It Again.

As I am typing this, Liverpool is playing an away game against Middlesbrough. 8 minutes left on the clock and Liverpool is down 2-0. A very disappointing game to watch. Xabi Alonso's own goal in the 1st half shouldn't have happen.

The home team's second goal was pretty. A right footed shot by Tuncay from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. No way Reina could have saved that. Middlesbrough were playing pretty well from my point. Good defending.

Liverpool did create chances but if they just couldn't capitalize on these chances. What a waste. Many shots were taken by Liverpool compared to Middlesbrough, but their shots were either blocked or off target.

Somehow, everyone on the Liverpool team seem to be misfiring. I could get HBP if I continue watching.

I started thinking after seeing how Liverpool is playing against a team who is fighting to avoid relegation. Is Liverpool really going to win anything this season? Do we Liverpool fans need to keep waiting? Haven't we waited long enough for a domestic silverware? Are they really champions? I like Liverpool a lot, but when they perform this bad even against a team among the bottom 3, I can't help but wonder if they really are going to be contenders for the Premiership. Even the Liverpool fans are leaving the stadium already.

Everton and Chelsea were a happier team as they earn another 3 points each. Everton beat West Brom Albion 2-0, while Chelsea beat Wigan 2-1. Arsenal continues their "draw"ing streak against Fulham with the final score 0-0.

As I end this blog entry, it's already official, Middlesbrough 2-0 Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

hahaha...liverpool must be very sad..

Anonymous said... must be very sad d..

MiRacle@ said...

wahahaha..wat a game..

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