Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Luck Tigers

Good Morning Malaysia, Good Morning Australia, Good Morning Japan and wherever you're at =) It's boxing day and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a simple one; spending time with my family and computer.

Today also sees our Malaysian team going against Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup (leg 1) in Bukit Jalil. While it's annoying to keep hearing all the hype over the radio in support of the Tigers and how they made it into the finals, I do hope they win it. Of course we have to remember that we were thrashed by Indonesia 5-1 earlier in the group stage.

While we may be able to win this, I do hope all these hype doesn't jinx it. Call me superstitious, whatever. We went into the Asian games so full of talk and confidence only to fail to bring back the golds to match the talks and confidence. Good luck to the Tigers later tonight. I might watch you play I might not 'cause my dad is addicting to Korean drama =.=||

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Anonymous said...

Happy Boxing day??wats that day about?:)

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