Monday, December 13, 2010

KLIMS '10 - part 1

While I was In KL week, I had some spare time so I hopped on the Putra line to Masjid Jamek station with a friend and switched to Star line. Our destination; Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to see the "Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '10".

We were greeted by some Lotus hottie and a BMW. They must belong to someone cause there were road tax stickers on the wind screen and a license plate. ( I wonder how they drive these cars on Malaysian roads)

If this was metallic in colour, it would look like the one in "Back to the Future"
Once inside, we had to line-up to get get our tickets. Though it seems long, the line was moving pretty fast. This is what I call EFFICIENT!! RM20 for a ticket that comes with a lucky draw (Grand Prize: Toyota Priuz), a can of coffee (some coffee brand decided it would be an awesome way of advertising; give out free coffee which I thought was cool cos I get FREE coffee) and some papers I wasn't interested in.

The first car that stunt my friend and I was the concept car, Bezza. A joint effort from Perodua, Malaysia and Daihatsu, Japan. The first thing that came to our minds were 'sure ah this is Malaysian product?' but they had this huge Perodua sign above it there's no way it wasn't a Perodua product. Check it out.

Cool isn't it? Another thing I found amazing is the green technology concept that Perodua and Daihatsu came up with. According to the model I was talking to, There's only a prototype in Japan and it doesn't have a very impressive performance just yet.

It runs on liquid fuel and has practically no emissions at all. So here's how it works. N2H4 is used and is reacted with oxygen (O2). This chemical reaction then produces water and nitrogen gas along with energy which is used to charge up some cells (yellow colour part in the picture) which is then use to power the motor. It's a really cool concept. However, It's maximum speed for now is 47km/h (~50km/h) which is pretty slow. But I see it this way, 50 km/h isn't too bad. With more R&D, I believe 50km/h can be multiplied to maybe 100km/h in the near future.

Perodua's work station. It looks like those pro designer's stuff @.@ Really cool
I have NO IDEA what this is. All I know is this was inside the Perodua section =S
While I was impressed with Perodua, it wasn't the same with Proton. They had the editions where the cars where named after the 5 famous warriors during the highs of Malacca. Hang Tuah, Hang Kasturi etc. To be honest, I thought the Kasturi looked like a saga with skirting. Thats all.

The 'Tuah' however did impress me. It does look fine. Sporty yet classy. Performance wise? I'm not too sure.

And then there's the Electric Vehicles (EVs) they are just a saga, converted into an electric car so it uses batteries instead of fuel and a motor instead of a fuel engine. I already know they existed and probably because I didn't quite like the saga design so I wasn't at all fascinated about it.

So now we've seen Perodua collaborating with Daihatsu to come up with an eco-car and Proton already having their very own EVs thought its still not for sale yet. This is probably due to the lack of charging stations here in Malaysia and many more reasons. I'll post more pics in part 2 and some stuff you can look forward to is the Chevrolet's 5th generation Camaro (a.k.a Bumblebee).

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