Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KLIMS '10 - part 3

Continuing from part 2, Ferrari's were also on display (though only 2 cars) along with other luxury cars like Aston Martin and the Maserati.

Another concept car that WOWed my friedn and I was the Hyundai. it looks similar to the Perodua Bezza but in my opinion, it has a cleaner look.

Hey, there's even this awesome looking car from Toyota. It's got the mean-sporty look. Basically; an attitude =)

This head somehow looks like Jumba Jookiba. But it's really AWESOME!!!

Honda had the U3-X up for display. So for the first time, I get to see the real deal.

My trip down at PWTC while on certain occasions were exciting, I was disappointed somewhat. Firstly, I felt kinda silly after seeing the batmobile.

OK... so it would have fooled kids but I was kinda expecting the real deal just like the Camaro. This shit right here is probably made of cardboard and Styrofoam. I believe I can literally lift this thing up and if I paint myself green, I'd probably pass as the HULK flipping the batmobile. Another car that made no sense to me was this.

I seriously have no idea what this thing can do. Is it a prototype? If yes, prototype of what? It looks like a concept car but if it really is, it looks pretty awful.

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