Monday, December 13, 2010

KLIMS '10 - part 2

After visiting Perodua and Proton, I walked my way to the Lotus section, and I wans't disappointed one bit.

Walking into the next hall, mobbed by visitors, one of the main star of this event; the Camaro. I never thought I'd be this close to the thing. It was really really awesome. I wish they could fire it up so we could hear the sound of the engine roar for fun but it's just wishful thinking.

Some Hot models

This dick couldn't control his hormones and decided the coolest thing to do was to jump up and have a couple of pictures  with the models. He was later chase down by some officials. I didn't notice him in my picture until now. Well that's cause I was focusing on the Camaro's ass =)

There were other pictures I took but I'm not sure what car models they were so no description. I guess it's better that way.. haha..

There's also bikes for display. Check this out. An Aprilia that costs more than a Honda  City

 I was particularly interested in the Harley Davidson's v-rod and was having a hard time trying to shoot a picture of the bike without any interference (including the model who was just sitting on the bike).

Other models of the Harley

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