Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Tigers won. Congrats!!!

Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki finals against Indonesia. I have to say I am surprise by a lot of things. Firstly, I kinda expected Indonesia to be violent. simply because of the laser incident in Bukit Jalil. But they didn't.

Secondly, Safee's goal was really really superb, where he brilliantly put it in at the top left corner. Really a pleasure to watch. Malaysia's keeper was stunning as well. If at all, I feel he should be named man-of-the-match. Saving a penalty from Indo's skipper and many other magnificent saves; often coming out to catch a loose ball or punching it away. Highlighting Safee and Khairul isn't just enough. Malaysia's number 9 was another wonder-boy on the pitch. He made superb runs to the Indo's side displaying magnificent ball control.

Overall, We did have a solid defense; often clearing the ball away from treat and countering. I have to say though that we somehow tend to give away possession. Not good there. Still, I have to say the Malaysian team this time round did surprise me; considering we haven't won anything for a little more than a decade and suddenly this. I did doubt them. But now that they have won it, CONGRATULATIONS!!! =)

I do hope it doesn't stop here. Let's hope for more improvements and progress.

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