Saturday, March 7, 2009

After A Hectic Week.

A rather hectic week has ended for me. 3 mid-term exams this week. Not that it's all over, I still have alot more assignments to finish and 2 more mid term exams. But that's ok because their all spread out. Well for now I can chill a little and concentrate more on my finals. It was because of this hectic schedule, I didn't spend much time with my pet tortoise. I was dating my books, computer and bed. I felt bad, so when I got back I fed it, talked to it, and giving it some TLC.

Tortoise are also known as land turtles, and I've always loved them. I think their cool. I remember my dad getting me my first when I was a kid. It was after my UPSR exam results. It was a "labi-labi", a soft-shelled tortoise, to be more precise. I kept it for about 3 years after which it went back to see it's Creator. 3 years IS a long time. It was as big as my stretched open palm. Did you know that "labi-labi" likes to bury themselves? I still don't know why, but back then, it always bury itself under the sand in the tank. Only it's head will be sticking out to get some air.

Now that I have this, I hope it won't be so anxious to want to go see it's creator. I saw on 'Discovery' regarding a tortoise sanctuary. They create an environment where these giant tortoise can live in. I can't remember where it is but there, they have a programme where people can adopt a giant tortoises. You don't have to take it home. You can't even if you wanted to. You just pay the adoption fees which will be used to pay for feeding them giant tortoises, and some maintenance. The rest will be looked after by the professionals. Really cool.

Their just amazing creatures :)

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