Monday, March 23, 2009

Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa

This is how Liverpool won 5-0 against Aston Villa.

Liverpool v Aston Villa

And this is how Fulham denied Man Utd another 3 points.

While the first goal was plainly Utd's fault, Zoltan Gera's goal in the 87th minute was brialliant. Making the scoreboard 2-0. Rooney got sent off (YAY!!!) and Berbatov is supposedly to be suffering from an ankle injury(dono true or not. maybe Ferguson wants to keep him fresh for the premier league games :P). That'll see him miss the world cup qualifiying 2010 against Ireland

Liverpool are at top form right night. Nothing is sweeter than this. Beating real madrid 4-0, then going to Old Trafford to destroy the Devils 1-4 and now trashing Aston villa 5-0. Winning the remaining games are important for Liverpool to be able to win the Premier League title. Well that's of course if Man Utd falters along the way just like last Saturday. Then there's Chelsea eyeing for the title as well. It's going to be close call but I'm beginning to see Liverpool winning the Premiership title this season. Hopefully they don't run out of steam and come out top at the end of the season. :)

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ahfizfazi said...

i dont think liverpool can win any title this season.. that only for a while trust me!

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