Sunday, March 8, 2009

English In Science And Maths.

The Star online reported that 124 were arrested when a memorandum was to be given to the King, appealing for maths and science to be taught in BM. Tear gas were fired at the crowd.

Then there is this another news saying teachers going mad teaching those subjects in english.

Ironically, many students chose to answer their PMR exams in english

So... What's the fuss about teaching maths and science in english? Students themselves are opting to answer their exams in english. So why should teachers go mad teaching it in english? If teacher are going mad because they can't teach in english, then shame on them. It just shows how incompetant them teachers are.

If we are serious about improving ourself and our country, then the english language is going to have to be part of us. It is the language of the 21 century. Either accept it of be left out. Even the Japanese and Chinese in China are making efforts to learn this language but we here we are busy rioting and protesting against it being taught in important subjects like science and maths.

I have a coursemate who is struggling with his english language. But he takes the effort to learn it, and not protest agianst our subjects being taught in english. Why then is malay teachers complaining that it's tough? If it's tough and you can't handle the pressure, then quit.

I know those people who were at the gathering had nothing else better to do but please, instead of complaining that it's hard to teach, or instead of giving some LAME reason that we must preserve our National language, spend more time learning the english language.

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Anonymous said...

yup...those idiots...they should spend more time to think of ways to improve the already "useless" Malaysia then to waste their time..ntg better to do??pls help picj up rubbish around KL..its becoming mantainence at all...screw Malaysia idoits!!!

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