Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool

Liverpool made me a proud supporter when they travelled to Old Trafford to trash their host 1-4. I was at a 'mamak' with a few friends; boy was it full of energy. The first Ronaldo goal kind of stunted me. It was a mistake on Reina's part, and immediately after that goal, I receive a text message from a course mate, laughing at me because of my allegiance to Liverpool.

Unfortunately, 5 minutes later, a Vidic stupidity gave Torres a golden opportunity to equal Ronaldo's goal. The moment Torres won posession, the Liverpool supporter in the 'mamak' were already celebrating(including me). It was a goal for sure and thats why we celebrated. Then just before half-time, Gerard was fouled inside the box and then went on to score from a penalty. While I was ecstatic, I was a bit cautious. 2nd-half could tell a very different story. I was thinking maybe MU might just equalise and end up with a draw game. Throughout the game, Torres was showing signs of injury and that got me worried.

It started to rain half-way through so we had no choice but to move into a shaded area and share a table with a stranger but it was ok. The other guy was cool about sharing the table. We saw a Vidic stupidity in the 1st-half of the game. Well, we also saw some supporter stupidity. I mean come-on... They just walk in, stand right in front of you and happily drinking their 'teh tarik' and watching the game. I had to walk up to this guy and say "Er boss, u berdiri kat sni orang blakang tak nampek'... Come-on... grab a chair and just sit or if you really prefer to stand, move la to the side. Otak kasi you buat ape?? Gune la!!!

The 2nd-half saw Vidic given a RED card. Ok.. HE REALLY DESERVED IT!!! So this is when things started to get exciting. Aurelio took the free kick after Vidic got send off. A beautiful shot that saw Edwin van der Sar not even making efforts to saving it(probably he knew he couldn't save that ball). It was really really a beautiful shot. Well, that pretty much seals it eh?! That's what most people thought. I turn around and told a friend, "Liverpool score one more, then nice liao." My wish came true when Dossena nailed it at extra-time. WOOHOOO !!!! I was shouting my ass off everytime Liverpool scored, so I have pretty much lost my voice liao.

What happened to my course mate and his gloating that Man Utd was going to trash Liverpool, I have no idea. I did call him to tease but he didn't seem to be in the mood. So, whatever. BAHAHAHA !!!! This then reminds me of what Rooney said. He said he hated the Kop and was looking forward to ending Liverpool's title race. Now that Liverpool won, I wonder what he's got to say? Fuck you Rooney!!! Fuck you big time!!!

Looking at the match, Liverpool were on top. Though I have to say Reina seem to be a little off-form.

I stayed on to watch Arsenal play their 1st-half which saw Arshavin scoring an opening goal in the 2nd minute. So for Liverpool, they have beaten Cheasea and Man Utd twice now. Pretty cool huh :) I'm on cloud nine now. In terms of Premiership, well, I'll say Liverpool still have a chance to win it.

Below is the video of Liverpool's win at the Old Trafford. Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool:) Enjoy!!!

P.S: I still can't get over this excitement. hehe :D


Ping-Ping said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! This game was definitely a mood-uplifting one for me after watching my college lost in basketball!

me2baby said...

Well I bumped onto ur site once and thought your video was cool so just visit again lo :)

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