Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Champion's League

This week will see which side will qualify for the next round in the Champion's league. 16 teams will be narrowed down to 8. Later today, Liverpool will host Real Madrid. The guy who failed to impress in the English Premier League will now face a team who has been in 2 finals in recent seasons. With a late away goal by Benayoun, Real is in a tight spot today. It's either make or break. Real Madrid has never played at Anfield and Ian Rush, former Red's striker is saying they won't be ready for the atmosphere.
"when players walk out onto the Anfield pitch in the Champion's League it's a completely different atmosphere to anything you'll find anywhere else, and that could be the difference for us."
And I couldn't agree more with him. There is just something magical about Champion's League. Watching Liverpool play in the Champion's League has a different feel. This magical feeling will get you stuck to it and when a match has over, you're left awe-struck. The disappointment watching them loss is also doubled. I wish one day to go watch Liverpool play live in the Champions league (ok, so I think I started dreaming).

Today will also see Juventus going head-to-head with Chelsea. I hope to catch the Liverpool game but my housemate is a Chelsea fan. So, we might have to argue on which channel to watch :P
Another team that caught my attention is FC Bayern who scored 5 away goals against Sporting CP. How in the world is Sporting going to fight back? Only God knows. So for me, it's pretty much Bayern who will move on to the next round. Amazing... Going to other people's home ground and trashing them 5-0. Hahaha...

Tomorrow will see Man Utd Hosting Inter Milan. Another interesting match. It's interesting because of Mourinho. A draw in their previous encounter wasn't a good thing both both teams, and this time round, it's going to be a tight one. Let's hope Mourinho's team beat the crap out of Man Utd.. Hahaha... :P


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