Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl (Season 2).

Season 2 has arrive, and I'm talking about the Malaysian Dreamgirl competition. 21 hopeful contestants have already been selected and filtered and now, 12 remain, all aiming to be next the Malaysian Dreamgirl. This is where the competition really starts, and you can expect things to get intense ( I think).

For those who still don't know what Malaysia Dreamgirl is all about, it is simply a reality modelling show. Girls from across Malaysia are selected base on certain criterias and are put to battle among each other to become a model. Only one winner (obviously isn't it?). Pretty much like the "America's Next Top Model". It is Malaysia's 1st ever online reality series. You can't catch it on your regular flat screen tv. Everything is online.

I didn't really follow the 1st season except for just a few episodes here and there. For those who didn't catch it, you still can.

Because I didn't follow season 1, and because I'm jumping straight to season 2, I don't know what to expect. The 1st 3 episodes of season 2 was on scouting for young talented Malysian girls who have what it takes to become a model. Watching the search was pretty amussing. Episode 2-4, a girl walks in zig-zag like she's drunk, and went asked to tie her hair, she abruptly replied "Ah... Never Mind". And for the record, she almost fell doing a cat walk. WTF??? Why was she even there in the 1st place??? Some, just didn't know what they wanted.

Honestly, among the top 12, I found only a hand full to I think have potential. Among them was Ming. She was over the top if you ask me. Actually I kinda like her. She has flawless skin, though she's not tall and wears braces, she has the sophisticated look and it makes her sexy.

Other girls I found sexy were Pinky and Dawn. Pinky actually looks "kiddy", but that's what makes her special. Dawn, a sweet smile. Besides, all these girls know to strike a post. Another girl I think have potential is Natasha. She just got a makeover and I think she'll be something in the coming weeks. Well we'll just wait and see what happens. All the action can be caught on


MiRacle@ said...

yucks...such a lame show..didnt expect you to talk about it...i dont want anymore about it...plsssss~!!!!!!change topic!!!

Anonymous said...

ya...not worth talking about...all a lie and full of crap...wasting time to put up a fake show!!

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