Saturday, May 2, 2009

Britain's Got Talents

My next paper will be on the 8th. That's next Friday. So in the mean time, I'm taking a short break. surfing the net, watching anime, etc. Basically just chill a little bit before resuming my studies later tonight.

I've heard about "Britain's Got Talents" from a friend and youtube disabled the embed function for the current season so there is no way I can get the latest video's to upload. But, I did surf older ones and boy let me tell you this, Britain's Got talents. Just take a look at this 6 year old Connie Talbot. Amazingly Amazing!!! She's cute, she's got talent and she has over 45 million views in youtube.

Wait, there's more. A young 13 year boy who is a victim of school bully hit it high. It stunned me. I wish I could do that.

Another one is Paul Potts (no no not the leader of the Khmer Rouge). I'm talking about PAUL ROBERT POTTS. A mobile phone salesman from South Wales who just wanted to sing. And sing he did. He ultimately went on to win the "Britain's Got Talent in 2007 and recorded his debut album titled "One Chance". This year, his second album titled "Passione" was released in New Zealand (13 April 2009). It just amazing watching these talented people sing.

If you go to youtube, go see Susan Boyle too. She's one in a million.

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flo.rence. said...

chris, watch charice pempangco... search youtube for a korean show called star king

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