Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr Goodbye

My dad has a new hobby. Watching Korean dramas. While he was glued to one of those episodes, I casually sat to watch with him. Just to find out what's so interesting about Korean movies. So happen, "Mr. Goodbye" was being aired.

My first impression was "Wa.. The chick so cute 1 ah!!!" The guy in this drama is not too bad looking too. Actually, I'd consider him a "leng chai".

This story is about a successful man (Yoon Hyun Suh) who manages a hotel chain in Korea. He meets a girl (Choi YounIn) who just so happens to work in his hotel, and falls for her. He then begins to discover about life and what happiness means. It's called "Mr. Goodbye" because it's always never too late for anyone to find happiness; even if that person has to say goodbye. Put it simply. The rich handsome guy will die at the end of the series.

I didn't watch till the end, but looking at just a few episodes, I feel it's a nice Korean drama. It's a romantic story told in a comical way. It's only 16 episodes and worth watching :) I'm definately going to download this series when I get back to KL.


Anonymous said...

full house is a nice one too ==) should watch it when you have the chance..the female lead role is prettier and the lines are more comical..

mango~~ said...

hmm...really??i need to check it out mayself to see if it is really that nice..haha

me2baby said...

Full House eh? I'll go check it out. Thanks Anonymous :)

Anonymous said... really anot?me2baby will be too matured for it..

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