Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm back in Penang but I forgot to bring South Park back with me. So, besides eating, I'm pretty much left with nothing to do. I have a gate paint though, but right now, I'm just too darn lazy. I'm on holiday, what do you expect? :P

I miss Kenny McCormick. He's the one with the orange-hooded jacket that dies in every episode, then come back alive in the next one, just to die again. hahaha..
He talk's cute too. "mmf mmmfmfff" all muffled up. :)
You can never understand what he's talking about because everything he says is all muffled up. So I'm always guessing. :)


flo.rence. said...


he's my fav too.
he's just too adorable...

Anonymous said...

you can go work part time to earn more money:p....rather than wasting your time..earning more money means being able to spend more money:P

Anonymous said...

He didn't die for a long time now.

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