Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wigan host Man Utd early this morning and when I woke to check the results, it was Wigan 1- 2 Man Utd. For me, it was disappointing. A win for Man Utd means they are now 6 point ahead of their rival Liverpool and are at the brink of winning the Premier League title. This also means for Liverpool to even win,they must win the remaining 2 games while ManUtd must lose the last 2 games of the season.

Now first I consider Arsenal's form. It sucks. Arsenal are pretty much in a bad shape right now. A mistake in the Champion's League allowed Park Ji-Sung to score. Also, watching the game with Chelsea, Arsenal was just plain HOPELESS. So what will happen if they play Man Utd?
If Man Utd win this game with Arsenal, or even draw, they will be crown Premier League Champion yet again.

Hull City is facing relegation and to play with a big team team like Man Utd, well I don't think they stand a snow balls chance in hell. So maybe, MAYBE, Liverpool will just end up in 2nd place this season. Liverpool might just have to share their bragging-rights with Man Utd. Not a good thing.

Despite knowing that Man Utd have a very very very high chance of winning again this season, I am still living in hope. HOPING they lose in the next 2 games so Liverpool will win.

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wah...your analysis so "chim" punya...i dun not interested...i was wondering if the world could have a day banned with nice dat would be..haha

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