Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nizar or Zambry?

Nizar or Zambry? Hmmm... High court's decision was over-thrown by the court of appeal so Zambry was re-instated as Perak MB. Perak is really in a mess. I'm not from Perak and yet everytime I read about the political situation in Perak, I get fed-up. Why is BN so DESPARATE to regain Perak? This fight between Pakatan and BN I feel is pointless.

Why don't they just have a fresh state election and if BN wins, fair-and-square. They can put whoever they want as their MB. But if BN losses, Pakatan can do the same. Is BN scared of holding another election? The last general election showed that BN has already lost the people's trust. So in my opinion, instead of fighting for a state, why don't BN just focus on regaining the people's trust? They are still in power aren't they? So why don't work on improving?

If I'm an outsider reading this news, I'd find this issue a joke. Honestly. I'm no expert in politics, but that's just the way I see it.


Anonymous said...

sure PKR will win..BN can go dig their own grave..we citizens hate them..BN only knows how to cause problems..good for nothing!!

Anonymous said...

yalar..BN sucks..i hate Najib..he looks like a chimpanzee..haha

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